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Misty in Roots

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With a career spanning over four decades, MISTY IN ROOTS have become one of the most powerful live reggae acts to have come out of London and noted for their powerful Roots reggae sound and uncompromising lyrical vibrations, they became the major force in Rock Against Racism, playing more concerts than any other band in the movement. This opened up a whole new audience for the band who quickly developed a very strong cross over audience, playing with acts such as Tom Robinson, Aswad, Steel Pulse, The Ruts and Elvis Costello, and were the first reggae band to tour Southern Africa, Poland and Russia.

This British based Roots Reggae Band MISTY IN ROOTS have played together for the past 40 years, first coming together in 1975 and working as a backing band for the late, great Nicky Thomas - one of Jamaica's all-time greats who had achieved national chart success with songs such as "Living In The Land Of The Common People". Nicky Thomas was the inspiration from which MISTY developed.

Despite MISTY'S huge success as a live act the band did not release their first album until 1979. The album LIVE AT THE COUNTER EUROVISION, which was recorded live in Belgium during the band's 1978 tour, is today still proclaimed by many critics as the best live reggae album of all time. MISTY followed LIVE AT THE COUNTER EUROVISION with a string of limited-edition singles such as "OH WICKED MAN", "RICH MAN’, SALVATION", "HOW LONG JAH" and "SEE THEM AH COME".

Now we can look back over the works of MISTY IN ROOTS and see how immense the combined talents of this cooperative group, producing uplifting righteous music for all to hear.

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